Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Easy How to Paint a Rainbow Unicorn Step By Step for the Kid in all of us!

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Welcome to my RainBow Unicorn Step my Steps for little girls and big girls with pure hearts too. I do not know about you but I grew up in a room bursting at the seems with Unicorns. This is my tribute to the rainbow Maned Unicorn I always wanted to do as a little girl. I bet you did too!
This is a first for the Art Sherpa and Hart Party! The tutorial Strip. Pinable and shareable with how to instructions Before the video Drops. I may do this more often. Anything that makes new artists more comfortable and excited to paint I can get behind!

Paint: Heavy Bodied Acrylic- Student paint is ok too!
Brushes. 1" square, half inch angle, and some small details between 4 and 6
16x20 canvas
Great music that makes you happy.
A cup of what ever makes you smile
Pallete is. Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Titanium White, Violet-or your purple, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow. Yellow Oxide/ocher, and Mars Black-or your black.

Sketch in your Unicorn with chalk-Crazy color can show up through paint. I used blue, light yellow would work great too.

1Mix Phthalo Blue and white make a light blue. Paint in all around the face.
2Yellow Ocher Oxide/ocher and little white. paint the chin, Jaw and under neck. this is your shadow so you want it a little darker.
3 Mix Yellow ocher and white make a lighter palamino color and paint in the reast of the head.
4. Yellow ocher and line the jaw. mouth, neck, eye, socket, and nose
5 Phthalo blue green and white to make eye color. Paint eye.
5a. red and white for pink paint in horn
6 add black to eye color and paint in shadow.
7Mix red violet to make nose color. Paint nose
take nose color lighten with white paint in horn shadow
8 Add white to nose color paint in Hightlight
ad white to harn to paint spirals
9 mix black and yellow ocher paint in eye shadow
10- Create deep shadow and pupil with Mars black
11-mix white into eye color and paint outer edge of eye highlight around pupil.
12. White for highlight around lid and on eye
13 take black and ocher and detail jaw, nose, and neck. 
14. Angle brush paint in cad red mane
15 add white to mane
16 add yellow to red make orange paint more mane.
17Add white to orange make highlights and paint in.
18Yellow mane
19 Highlight yellow mane with white and yellow
20 Green and yellow for mane base
21 pure green mane low light
23white in green and yellow for high light

24Blue and Blue and white part of mane
25 Violet mane 
White and violet high lights
The trick the the mane is to some times add light and darker tones to the part of the rainbow you are on. You can even take a wisp of hair and paint it blowing over other parts of the rainbow. 

More tips advice a Video and pinnables at www.hartparty.com

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