Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Little Rain Clouds full of Men

So when I decided to make the brave journey on to You Tube I did reconnaissance. I needed to make sure that the place did not have millions of funny hat wearing, silly dancing, mothers of three, topped with fiery red tresses, and teaching people the way to happiness through painting. I mean the world can only handle so much nonsense. So I watched, peered, and observed  the fabulous stream of how to paint gravy that you Tube pours out and by gravy I mean man gravy. I began to wonder if I was watching another time lord through several regenerations Painter Who? You know just The Artist. They all are fairly cute which is nice I must say. They all have soothing calm dreamy voices often with the added bonus of an accent. I am thinking I could have a little viewing party with the girls and some wine. These fabulously yummy talented men. Their medium is of course oils the top choice of devilishly handsome painters everywhere. It is raining Men on the You Tube how to section.
Lets be real though its painting for painters and popcorn eating women. There is no noise in the background of screaming kids fighting over the space themed sippy cup. No husbands asking where their socks are. No craziness. I realized that's what I have. I have a husband who is adorable and sweet but who has 3000 projects going at once. He is answering an assault of business calls all of which are " Mission Critical". I have three kids Honey 9, Spyder 3, and Lunabella 20months who are busy tearing down my house everyday. I have three to ten loads of laundry piled up somewhere in the house at any given moment. There are meals to deal with, boo boo's to kiss, pink elephants to find, and potty training in progress. It is in all that chaos that I find time to paint.To get in touch with my creative spirit and touch the hem of the divine. I remind myself I am more then Maid, Nanny, Cook, Nurse, Counselor, Friend, and Lover. I am me. I know myself and how that makes the world better beyond a sack lunch. I can find my happy on the Canvass even when happy is a scarce commodity. I paint not in perfection but paint to find my perfection in the chaos. It makes me a better mother, wife, daughter, and friend. 
That's what I have to give. I am you and we don't live in quiet serine little art studio's on a Tardis. We need to paint. We must paint. We can not wait until the world slows down for us. We have to slow down on the inside. In our hearts we find the keys to all of creation and creation finds us. I am the Art Sherpa here to guide you to your divine creative purpose. May your week be full of noise, errands, and sack lunch. I want to see you at the easel soon