Monday, March 21, 2016

Namta Top Ten Favorite Art Supplies from Art Materials World 2016 Houston TX

My most favorite finds from  NAMTA's Art materials world. These are my handpicked art materials and new products I think were really amazing you might want to see!! Wow there were some exciting new art products (Links below). I was actually lucky enough to attend Art Materials World, walk the show and talk to the people who make these products! I spent 3 days and nights getting familiar with the amazing world behind out great passion art!! This is one of two video's so you can feel like you got too !! This was a lot of fun!!

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#1  Rendr art pads :
#2 Spectrum Noir Glitter pens :
#3 Ironlak paint pens :
#4 Grex airbrush and Florescent paint :
#5 Simply Simmons Extra Firm Filament :
#6 Drawn By Fredrix - ask your local retailer to carry this awesome       **product!!!!!!
#7 Elmers Glue Gun :
#8 Caran D'ache Palette Aquarelle :
#9 Qor Watercolors :
#10 Daniel Smith Watercolors Primatek :

What is art Materials World?

NAMTA's Art Materials World is a unique opportunity to connect with serious art materials buyers from around the world.

What is Namta?
The International Art Materials Association - NAMTA® is dedicated to promoting the art/creative materials industry. Members include retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, and independent reps from around the world. NAMTA's mission is to provide members with the products, services and information needed to grow and prosper.

John ( the Stunt Hands ) and I went to the art materials  show to get a deep sense of the relationship between Vendors, Manufactures, and us Humble influencers on youtube.  It was better then we expected and we walked away with a deep sense of connection. We were able to connect to many paint makers.
First we attended the under 45 mixer
Namta under 45 mixer

That was pretty fun 

Then we spent three days getting to know where our art supplies com From :)
art sherpa heading into Art Materials World 

RENDR first favorite pick from Art Materials World Art Sherpa 

Art Sherpa LOVES Spectrum Noir Glitter Pens ...cause Glitter

You can see the love 

Elmers Glue Gun was Amazing Namta Fun find 

I love seeing great Art 

John find Joy at Games Workshop Booth 

Rachel and I Give Simple Simmons Brush LOVE

There was a lot to take away From Art materials World 2016 in Houston 

Enjoy the ultimate Walkthrough actually so much better its a Flythrough of the show 

but the best is....friends we will be seeing salt Lake City :) 2017