Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Art Sherpa Materials list

Art Sherpa Materials list for setting up and art studio. this is focused on the paintings Materials USED on Youtube! 
PAINT Base Pallet (limited pallet)
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow Medium (hue ok)
Cadmium Red medium (hue ok )
Burnt Sienna
Phthalo Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Titanium white
Mars black
Quinacridone Magenta

Colors to add over time (complex pallet)
Phthalo Green
Ultramarine blue
Cadmium Orange
Cad Yellow light
Cad Red Light
Hookers green
Burnt Umber
Napthol Crimson
Prussian blue
Zinc White
Mixing White
Aqua blue
Southern Ocean blue (Matisse Derivan )
Australian Sienna ( Matisse Derivan)
Quinacridone Red
Soft Body Black
Soft Body White

Brushes Use The Code " theartsherpa" for 5% off
Simply Simmons Long Handle (they are short on this line)
Bright #10 #6 #4
Filbert #10 #6
Small Detail round #6 - medium- #4  and fine #2 ( in simmons these are short handled)
3/4 angle shader or ½ angle shader
#10 stiff huge Bristle Round ( Shorter, stiffer and fluffier the better ) OR Deer foot stippler
Extra brushes to buy over time
Bright #12 #8 #2
Filbert #8 #4 #2
Fan with stiff bristles
Micro brushes for miniatures like 10/0 to 20/0 like my Silver Brush Ultra Minis the packs are the best way of getting them!!!!
I generally paint with Simply Simmons  , (Creative Mark, Pro stroke,  Ebony Splendor, ) Richeson, Robert Simmons and Pro Stroke brushes. I also use some Windsor Newton, Liquitex, Royal Langnickel and Ruby Satin Silver.

My favorite Brush is Goldilocks or Simply Simmons bright #10 Extra Firm Filament

Golden Glazing Liquid ( Dries Slowly)or
Glazing medium Liquitex (Dries Quickly)
Grumbacher Retarder medium
ACRYLIC FLOW RELEASE - Brush on only to not put in mister
Modeling paste
Acrylic Absorbent ground by Golden
Spray Varnish in gloss for acrylic paintings
Gloss medium and varnish
Gloss Varnish
My Pallet Paper is
Grey matters
Strathmore Pallet paper

Best European Easel *OS3
Table easel
Jack Richeson La Vara Table Easel
I clean my Brushes with
Masters Brush Cleaner
Pop bead board
Jack’s Linseed Soap
Masters brush cleaner

Paint Safety Articles about Cadmium and Safe handling of Paint