Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Painting with A Twist the Must do you have yet to do

The Painting Party, Painting With a Twist, Pinots Pallet, Merlot 2 Masterpiece (where I taught)  Social Artworking and Craftertainment. This is the BYOB Or BYOW painting experiences that are opening up everywhere. If you have been eyeing that Groupon and are thinking about going. I must encourage you to set aside any concerns you may have and Say YES! This is one of the best new activities out there. How it works is you pick a painting you want to do at a Location near you that looks fun. Bring company! You can do it alone and it is friendly BUT sharing this experience is one of its perks. Buy YUMMY snacks. Make your night special. Classes can run long so be prepared. You will be taken through the painting step by step so relax. This is popular because it works. Some places draw on the Canvas for you some don't. You are going to have a great time. As for wine it does help but there is a threshold for Failure. Wine induced relax can flip into a CRAZY painting. At some point take a look at Yelp to get a real idea of what people think. Yelp tends to be a place for malicious complaining and not always an honest critic so read all the reviews. Google has reviews too. No matter what,  you will be making a memory worth framing and hanging on the wall. You can paint the edges though some places offer extras such as frames. Finding time to enjoy your creative side is the best thing you can do. Most of these social artworking venues really care about the customer. If you go in with an open heart and a childlike sense of adventure you may just be opening a new chapter of your life... your artist chapter! 
Painting Party