Friday, May 2, 2014

Tree Painting with a Twist beginner art lesson acrylic online tutorial w...

Tree painting with a Twist is up and ready for viewing. The obvious twist here is the stained glass feeling and the drips. There is a secret twist. I am excited for people to do this painting because I know what trees mean in the creative process. They are challenging and rewarding, because almost everyone has had a relationship to at least one tree. Some trunk has been witness to life's ups and downs. At somewhere along the way everyone has laid in the ground and starred up through the branches at a blue sky and DREAMED. I had a willow by a stream when I was growing up. It had large rocks to sit on and iris's planted around the base. I sat there daily and imagined all the amazing places my life might go when I grew up. I told stories to no one and sang songs to frogs. A true Judgement free Zone.

This personal painting party needs YOU to be that, a judgement free zone. When we all do this Step by Step painting lesson together I want YOU to be kind to you. The way that beautiful spiritual tree in your heart was kind to you. Listen, allow, and grow with out tearing yourself down. The biggest obstacle  to a new artist is the internal criticism. When I am teaching a class 80% is you fell your doing just fine and 20% is how to paint the painting. The reason is people are the least forgiving of themselves. I want you to be like my willow tree, silent, steady, and comforting. As long as you stay on the painting journey and don't give up you will find an inner artist. The sooner you can embrace today, except that you are in process of becoming more creative everyday  the better artist you will be. Today is wonderful and tomorrow will be better! This gift I am sharing with you will be one you unwrap all your life. Just accept that there is more to you! More than you know, more than your family knows, and more then your friends know. No matter when you pick this artful habit up there will be more! Shel Silverstien knew something very important tree's are giver's of great gifts the greatest of all just being there everyday of our lives.

Enjoy your tree art lesson. Embrace your acrylic painting tutorial. Because like the Tree painting with a Twist you gave room to grow and branch out! The secret of this painting is that the Tree is YOU! Love you Bless you and I hope to see you at the Easel real soon!