Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amanda's Story

I woke up to check on all the Hartist updates when I came across Amanda's Story. I think a lot about the things art helps us to do. It helps us accept, laugh, grow, connect, create, imagine, dream, and Amanda reminded me grieve. Art helps us not only celebrate the best moments of our lives but it allows us to make sacred the saddest moments. What Amanda did with my Tutorial for Spirit really moved me and touched my heart. She has agreed to allow me to share her story so that someone else could be helped by it. I feel blessed and honored by her open heart. I hope that all who need this message find it and the healing it would bring.
    • Hi Cinnamon,
      I have recently started to paint after about 3 years of paper crafting and I thought I would try one of your tutorials for beginners. I never realized how personal this would get.. I watched the spirit horse video multiple times but didn't quite have the confidence to try it. After visiting my grandfather last night who was ready to die, I knew that painting this horse would give me some sense of relief. I am so glad I did! He passed away last night but now I have something to look at that reminds me of him. So thank you, art matters in my life and it helps to repair my broken heart.
      Here is my spirit horse, I know my grandfathers spirit is now free to run as fast as the wind will carry him!
    • Amanda your story touched my heart so much and so deeply. I am grateful that you shared this with me. I am deeply sorry for your loss but so moved by your painting and its deep spiritual meaning. I think this may help others and would love to share your story and painting. But only with your comfort and permission. You have inspired me! I truly hope you will continue painting. Please stay in touch and let me know how its going
    • Thanks Cinnamon,
      I give you my permission to share my story because it may help someone else see that creating is a wonderful way to release pain, to show that unlike any other creature God has given us the ability to create wonderful things!!! Bless you and I will definitely stay in touch! I look forward to trying some more of your paintings..