Monday, May 12, 2014

Art Studio work space as Sacred

Work space as Sacred is not a unique idea in traditional business around the world. Walk into a power players office and you know who you are dealing with and where you stand. They accept the necessity of a well designed office as theater. It is where everything important happens so make no mistake you are walking into a temple. Pay close attention and you will quickly find the alter of the room. However how does a mom with kids create a space that reflects how divine the act of art is. Perhaps you are not making 6 figures with your work. Perhaps is is something wholly necessary but not profitable, Something people in America have a hard time really dealing with. Add the mom guilt and thats a tremendous amount of shame where only light and love should be. I know singles have a similar struggle as the pressure to push forward in career surges like Mavericks. Hard to justify the space, the money, and the effort to stage the studio. However just like a well set dinner table stages the ambiance of the party a well kept and appointed workspace set the tone of the work. When I paint I am giving back to myself a sense of being whole and real. I feel my connection to things that are divine and creative and feel that ever present love. I must honor the holy nature of the work and the process of working. I know I do not do this alone or at least thats my deep feeling. I feel the concert of that which is greater than me calling me to higher purpose. Yes even for the silly fun work. So I add a little theater to my workspace. Fill it with items and things that are pleasing to my soul. I clean there more often then I clean other things. Sadly I  can not get the feeling of the sacred in the giant pile of clothes waiting to be washed. I am sure its there and I have not felt it yet. My point is that the things that fill our souls are our churches. They do not have to be built by other people they just must the be the conduit of love,hope, and joy. Where ever you feel blessed and connected!