Sunday, August 10, 2014

Art is...?

Art is? The ultimate question in creativity and the ultimate trap! As the Art Sherpa being a guide into the world of creativity I have to help re-born artists avoid the pitfalls of painting. These mistakes are not ones made on a canvass but in fact are painted in the heart. If you look in your heart we can find your art is one of my favorite guiding ideals. How you create and how you feel about what you have made are very likely two different things. I wish for all new artists that they avoid caparison all together it is the killer of joy. The point of being creative is to return to a full sense of joy. Painting fills a void that no Car, Boat, or big screen TV can fill. It puts meaning into the mundane everyday. In fact if you want to see proof of that check out the daily painters. Often they paint the most impossibly ordinary items but through the filter of their creative souls come the greatest magic. Carol Marines Lightbulbs are proof of this. "Art is whatever fills your soul up". Thats why it can not really be pinned down the way people want it to be. The painting that speaks to me may not speak to you. If you are painting, by the very act of listening to that creative inner voice, it is good.  You are good and valid as is your art. Art is YOU!