Sunday, August 10, 2014

Littlest Hoot online free painting lesson by Hart Party and The Art Sherpa

I wanted to share here on my Blog the lesson I have on You Tube and some of the paintings the wonderful viewer created art they have shared with me. I have noticed my art lessons are really owl heavy right now. But thats wonderful because an easy beginner painting party tutorial should have a subject that is just fun to do. I have committed to making sure that I can put lots of online free art lessons. I have done this because I know that so many people really want to be creative and paint. The littlest Hoot was my first attempt and bringing the Art Sherpa to life to guide people back to an artful way of living. It needed to be fun, easy, low cost, and for everyone who wanted to try. I had one camera and a captured editor my patient Husband John. You see him in later video credits and of course all over my facebook page.

I am going to share some of the art that has been shared with me. I do this because I want everyone to know its possible to paint. It does not matter what you were told along the way that made you put away your crayons. They were wrong and you were wrong we are all creative artistic being. Art is just a set of skills you learn and talent is the story you tell with those skills.  Each of these owls is different and yet the same. They are all a cute fat little owl painted in acrylic in an hour or so. Yet they are all unique and special because the people who painted them are special!