Monday, August 11, 2014

Hart Party presents The perfect online tree painting lesson for beginners with giant hearts

My twist on the rush of abstract trees has really inspired people to be creative. They have loved the stained glass effect. They have loved being able to drip or not drip. Mostly they have loved succeeding at trees. Tree's like hands are hard. There is so much emotion and mental data about them. When making a painting lesson for a tree I have to remember that every person has a perfect soul tree inside of them. When they try to paint that perfect tree it can be frustrating that their newly blooming art skills have not come online as much as they want. This step by step how to art lesson was made to address that experience. As the Art Sherpa I really really wanted people to feel the joy of success....but the real twist was how much all these reborn and renewed artists have surprised me. There stories of art and their painting have touched me deeply in my heart.