Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunset Clouds #2 online acrylic painting lesson how to paint a sky (+pla...

There is a special joy from painting a sky. Its like those
clouds that have been out of reach our whole lives can be touched at
long last. My challenge make a beginner lesson online that is
emotionally rewarding but still fun and easy. A step by Step  acrylic
painting tutorial of sunset clouds that don't make the novice feel
overwhelmed. As the Art Sherpa its my purpose to make this a personal
painting party not a class. Perhaps you get a little liquid courage and
make a Merlot masterpiece, or you find the strength  in the dark rich
aroma of your favorite coffee beverage. If your a little brush maybe
fruit juice is your creative fuel. It is important to find a way into
your painting with a twist.... faith. Faith in yourself. Perhaps that
faith starts in believing I have the tools to guide you but it is my
wish that you discover that the magic is inside of you all along. You
lack nothing to be a whole happy soul capable of profound beauty. The
kinds of beauty you discover in painting sunset clouds. If you could
dare to go paint a sunset yourself on your own I would have served my
purpose as your Art Sherpa. This is more than art party it is a Hart
Party. You were destined to be beautiful. I wish you a week of
creativity, Joy, and breathtaking sunsets. Please share your work with
me. I will see you at the Easel Soon.....Cinnamon Cooney