Thursday, January 2, 2014

Painting Parties Save the World

The Painting Party or as I like to say the Craftertainment movement is saving the art world! We took such a hit in the economic crash, the fall of Kincaid galleries, and the closing of mom and pop frame shops. These things were a big deal in the art world even if we had not considered them as part of the "Fine" art world. Big fish and little fish swimming in the same sea. I remember art Expo  In New York. Big artists and bigger sales. Felt like magic to me. Then poof it was gone. People bought prints and only licensing your art had real commercial traction.
Out of the ruins came the painting party. What a clever and novel idea... people can paint. If you help them and let them have a little liquid courage. There is an artist inside everyone. This Craftertainment idea caught on and now cities have all kind of paint and drink experiences. I have painted canvass, bottles, plates, ceramic, and shoes. Upscales places to low rent places people come to remember what every kid with a box of crayons knows art is fun. Its a whole new world now as people pack a bottle and head out for a new kind of nighttime fun. There is room in America for the creative soul! Reason to be silly. Reason to be proud. YOU CAN PAINT!