Saturday, January 25, 2014

Clouds #1 Online Acrylic painting lesson How to paint a sky

How to paint clouds? It is hard to find art lessons that are more for the new artist then the experienced one. There are many many good even great how to paint cloud tutorials out there. However if you want a acrylic cloud painting lesson there are a lot less, Most of it is oils still. Even though the lion share of us have moved on to Acrylic paints. Even though acrylics are much easier for new artists. Frankly they smell better too. I have kids I need things that could be eaten. I do not know about your house but at mine everything goes into somebodies mouth, its insane! There is no way turpanoids can live here. Forget gun control with kids it about ....poison control.. that I am now on a first name basis with. We now know that oil lamp oil, potpourri, silica, and colloidal oatmeal are not a death sentence. Luckily we survived tire cleaner in the eyes after a trip to the grandparents. So acrylics LOVE them. I love the classics Matisse Devian, Liquitex, and Golden. I am not saying not to store these in a safe place I am just saying that when life happens ....and it will better to have products that are not so 911.
Well I really Digress onto a big family soap box. The thing is a step by step of how to paint fluffy clouds is important. That it be a painting lesson for beginners even more important. This is that a fun eay tips and tricks free online painting lesson you can access 24 hours  a day....why? Because I want you to have the chance to paint. I want it to be fun. As the Art Sherpa I want Hart Party to be a place where you can have a personal painting party anywhere and anytime. May your week be free of 911 calls and I will see you at the easel soon. Hugs Cinnamon Cooney